Музей Русского национального напитка

Russian Vodka Museum

Vodka museum is open daily from 12:00 until 22:00
4, Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard
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Welcome to Russian Vodka Museum at Number 4 Konnogvardeysky Boulevard,
The Russian Vodka Museum is an integral part of the "Russian VodkaRoom No. 1" located within the restaurant. The exhibition reveals the details of origin and history of vodka from the 14th century to the present day. This history begins with traditional Russian natural fermentation products such as mead, kvass, and birch sap. Visitors will learn about the production process, jokes, traditions, and culture of Russian vodka drinking. You will also see the first ever “penalty glass” of vodka (poured for latecomers) and punishment for the excessive drinking of this strong alcoholic beverage back in Tsarist times. The guides will tell you about the role of our national drink during the First and Second World Wars, dry laws and consequences of restrictions. Here you will also find the first hooch still invented by the monk Isidor in the 16th century.
The second exhibition hall is decorated in a Soviet vodka room style where visitors are offered to taste three types of vodka while being told about the difference between them. Furthermore, the world’s largest collection of Russian Vodkas is presented here consisting of over 260 types of this drink. You can also buy souvenirs in the bar.
The program including an excursion and tasting will take 35-45 minutes.
The restaurant and museum located under one roof will provide visitors with an insight into the food history of our country.
*Please keep in mind the probability of having to wait in a queue in case of a large number of visitors. For your convenicence we offer an opportunity to reserve a specific time slot to visit the museum


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