Russian VodkaRoom #1

About the Restaurant

Russian Vodkaroom №1 was opened in 2008. The whole concept of the project takes us back to the imperial 19th century.

The chef Andrey Vlasov is justly considered to be one of the best specialists in Russian cuisine in our country. He is a repeat winner and prize-taker of local and national professional exhibitions, awards, and competitions.

The menu concept is based on dishes of Russian cuisine from different historic periods.

Russian Vodkaroom №1 is a perfect place for romantic, business and family meetings as well as for banquets. We have prepared pleasant gifts and compliments for everyone who books a hall for a banquet.

In 2008 the restaurant was awarded the Golden Palm (National Foodservice Awards by Leaders Club International) for the best restaurant concept. The restaurant is a member of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs International Association of Gastronomy.
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12 pm to 11pm
4, Konnogvardeyskiy Boulevard

Chef — Andrey Vlasov

The chef of the restaurant «Russian Vodkaroom N1» Andrey Vlasov sits on a jury of many professional skills competitions. He is considered to be one of the best specialists in Russian cuisine in our country. He is also a repeat winner and prize-taker of local and national professional exhibitions, awards, and competitions («Zolotaya kulina», «Golden Palm», «PIR»). For example, he is a gold medalist of the 10th Anniversary Russian Championship for culinary and service, which was held during the International Exhibition «PIR. Hospitality Industry» (Moscow, 2010); a diploma winner of the elimination round for the International Contest of fine dining chefs «Bocuse d’Or - Europe» (Moscow, 2011); a participant of Culinary tours and Days of Russian cuisine in Germany (2011), Spain (2013), Finland (2010, 2011, 2012), and Estonia (2010, 2011, 2014); a participant of the Food and Art Festival in Finland (2017).
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2008 – the winner of the 3rd official award «Palm 2008» for the best restaurant concept («Russian Vodkaroom №1 and Russian Vodka Museum» - «Golden Palm»).
2009 – the prize «Discovery of the Year 2009» from the independent award «Lavrovy List» awarded on April 5th 2009 in the Grand Hotel Europe.
2009 – the award of the «Where» magazine in nomination of «The Best Museum Restaurant»
2011 – the prize «Menu and bill 2011» from the «Time Out Petersburg» magazine in nomination of «The Best Russian Restaurant»
2012 – Certificate of Excellence 2012.
2013 – Russian Vodkaroom №1 is a winner of the award Where to Eat. Where to Eat is the first independent restaurant award in Saint Petersburg. The winners are chosen by a panel of experts consisting of 100 city citizens: restaurant business professionals, clerisy, celebrities and many others.
2014 - Certificate of Excellence 2014.
2017 – Top 100 restaurants of Saint Petersburg according to the guide Antenna Daily.
2017 - 50 best restaurants of Saint Petersburg according to the high-profile guide Spoon.
2017 – The restaurant "Russian Vodkaroom №1" has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence by the quality portal TripAdvisor, the world’s largest Internet portal for tourists designed to aid travelers in planning their trips.

Банкетные предложения

20% скидка в День рождения и неделю после и Бонус имениннику 3000 руб.!
При заказе банкета от 15 человек - 3000 руб. бонусами на счет карты лояльности, которыми можно расплатиться при следующем посещении.
20% скидка на любые банкеты
При предзаказе от 10-ти человек.
Акция действует во все дни кроме Пт, Сб
Музыкальная программа в подарок на Ваш банкет
При сумме заказа от 3500 руб. на персону для компании от 15-ти человек.



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